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Post Divorce Advice For Men

post divorce advice for menDivorce for guys sucks. I don’t know how bluntly I can put it, I don’t know if it can be truly explained unless you have gone through it. It is an awful pit of anxiety, grief, depression, anger, loathing, and mind tearing insanity. So, not good right – ok, you probably got that from this rant and many other I have posted! I try to give good post divorce advice for men on this blog, but I also realise I am not an expert, and I tend to get carried away with my own agenda of male rights which can confuse the issue a bit.

These are all important things, but if you are a guy living in post divorce turmoil then I wanted to point you to another very good resources. An Ebook that is dedicated to helping men after divorce deal with the psychological and emotional side of post divorce recovery.

A couple of things before you check this out I wanted to say:

This is NOT:

  • A guide that has any hatred or vitriol against women in any way whatsoever!
  • A guide that deal with how to “win” a divorce – there is no winning in the end, your own mental health is more important.
  • A guide that is about how to seduce women after divorce – that shit is not needed and it totally detrimental for post divorce guys.

What this guide do is help you understand a few things that are essential such as:

  • The root psychological problem that causes all the turmoil.
  • Practical skills to help you deal with the stages of grief
  • How to link all problems and action back to the core psychological principles
  • How to move on and forget your ex and the painful memories to build a new life.

I like the authors style who can put things more eloquently than I can, the post divorce advice for men in this guide is spot on and worth looking at. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea I understand, but i do think it will help most guys having trouble after a divorce. So if you want to know more, click below to check it out..

Post Divorce Advice For Men